Process Piping

Including but not limited to steam, condensate, chilled water, hot water, compressed air, natural and propane gas, specialty gases.

Custom piping systems designed to meet your unique manufacturing needs.

Process piping systems are of the networks of pipes that carry fluids such as water, liquid food products, and/or solvents to be mixed during manufacturing. In addition, process piping systems can carry gases such as compressed air or other aerated chemical gases to mix during the manufacturing of cleaning products or compressed air fuels. Depending on your business’ needs, piping components can be put together to move, mix, separate, stop, and distribute the flow of fluids and gases. Process piping differs from traditional plumbing because process piping systems are custom designed for manufacturing and are not a part of the building’s structural water system.  

Hickory Mechanical has experience building custom process piping systems for many different industries and applications. Our team has engineered intricate piping systems to transport ingredients in food factories and to transfer chemical compounds from one point to another to manufacture medicines or solvents. Some materials we commonly work with are steam, condensate, compressed air, natural gas, propane, specialty gases, chilled water, hot water, and liquid food products.

During the initial planning process, the engineers at Hickory Mechanical work with your team to determine a process piping solution that meets your organization’s requirements. With a firm understanding of your needs, our team gets to work designing a system that will handle your materials and meet your space requirements. Next, our expert manufacturing team builds the custom components required to execute your manufacturing functionalities. Finally, the Hickory Mechanical team has the ability to install the process piping system in your facility and test it to ensure it will function at a high level for years to come.

Industries Served

We work with pre-designed and or engineered plans we perform design-build services. We help design solutions for process space, and infrastructure needs. We partner with other trades to fulfill all of your needs.


Manufacturing, Utilities, Data Centers


School, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Government Agencies


Systems for new construction and/or renovations

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